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Vinyl Shopping

Buying Local is Good for Everyone

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Neighborhood Favorites now at your Fingertips

Shop Locally

_SHOPPER_ is a Relai app designed specifically to make buying local simpler and more accessible. You now can easily support traditional brick and mortars, at-home artisans, pop-up shops, street-side kiosks, dorm room startups, and more!

Sell & Deliver

Exchange Zone Pickup

SHop Conveniently

With the _SHOPPER_ app you can buy products from local merchants and pick up your order from an Exchange Zone. Discovering and directly supporting local sellers has never been easier!

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Healthy Communities Buy Local

Shop sustainably

When you buy local, you contribute to the health of your local economy while helping your community reduce carbon emissions. Using the _SHOPPER_ app helps more people effect their neighborhoods for the better.

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